Airport City Pro – Ta Duc Anh

This app is related to understanding of airport icons like cctv, elevator, charging, checkin, gates, pilot, cocktails, passport, wifi, flight, airport and many more.

Airport city is very interesting app for the people who wants to know more about airport and related things. In this app we gives the clear idea fo the same. In this app users have to select or identify different airport’s images.

This app have four types of categories like
1. Select ( select the number of elements are given).
2. Count ( count the number of elements and enter the value of numbers).
3. Addition( do addition of given airport images).
4. Spelling ( spell the word of given image character by character).

About this app:
⁃ It is very easy to use and understandable.
⁃ It is user friendly.
⁃ There is no hidden charges, fully free of cost.
⁃ You can use it many times as you want.