Airmail Zero – Solaria SRL

Airmail Zero for Gmail is a brand new app for the next generation of Gmail. It’s perfect for quickly triaging your inbox and uses Gmail’s blazing fast new platform to instantly send and receive messages.

Airmail Zero for for Gmail features:
– Privacy Aware No data pass on our servers
– Fast tools for managing your email
– Rich keyboard shortcuts for even more efficiency
– A brand new, rock-solid codebase written entirely in Swift
– Zero wait time for launch
– Much more reliable performance on Virtual Private Networks (VPN) since it does not use IMAP or POP connections
– A beautiful interface built on a custom new animation engine
– Instant sync thanks to secure, all-HTTPS communications

Note that Airmail Zero for for Gmail a native Gmail Client for triaging recent email, but not currently an archival utility for searching your entire history.

We’d love to hear what you think about Airmail Zero for Gmail. To reach us, use the in-app support option in settings.

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