AirID VIRTUAL – Certgate

AirID VIRTUAL is a complete software solution for secure X.509 certificate-based 2-factor authentication, signature and encryption on Windows10 systems (macOS planned). FIDO2 support included for cloud services.

AirID VIRTUAL consists of a virtual smart card (this app), a cloud-based server backend for setup & administration and a Windows10 utility program for secure smart card authentication.

AirID VIRTUAL is suitable for all companies using a Microsoft ActiveDirectory. The cloud-based setup and administration process of users is done centrally very easy and fast via a web service. Please visit for more information.

AirID VIRTUAL connects and authenticates locally via Bluetooth to your Window10 PC (macOS planned). No internet connection required. If the user walks away, the PC will be locked automatically to protect data and device.

PLEASE NOTE: AIrID VIRTUAL is an enterprise app and works only with the AirID VIRTUAL backend cloud services. You need an invitation from your system administrator to use AirID VIRTUAL. Please contact your system administrator if you want to test AirID VIRTUAL.