Aircab PEI – Cloudcab Inc.

You can now order a taxi by using the Aircab PEI app. Using your phone’s GPS the app will suggest an address to submit, or order by typing in the pick up location. The taxi’s location can be tracked in real time using a Google map.

ORDERING A TAXI: How does it work?
● You can decide on the type of vehicle (sedan or van) and any additional notes for dispatcher or driver. When the selected taxi is assigned, you are provided with information such as current status of the order, driver name and ID number, estimated arrival time and distance from pick up location.
● A map screen will update in real time as the assigned taxi moves toward the pick up location.

● If a destination address is entered, the approximate fare will be displayed.

● Reserve your taxi: Schedule a taxi for a future trip.
● Trip tracker: Keep a history of previous trips and check on your current orders.
● Rate your rides: Rate and comment about the service provided.