Airbag 4 Erasmus – Manuel Carabias Herrero

AIRBAG+ is the innovative solution designed from the years of experience not only of the project partners but all those active European organizations in the field of Youth that sometimes, unfortunately, incurred in risky situations for them and also their participants. With this means, project organizers can improve the quality of the youth mobility event, guaranteeing safety and risk preventions to their young participants.
A useful tool that youth workers need to have in their pocket when it comes to knowing about action protocols in emergency situations, incidents, or potential risks prevention during youth mobility, such as a training course, a youth exchange, or a volunteer program, like the European Solidarity Corps.
Incidents such as serious accidents, suicide attempts, deaths, psychotic outbreaks, loss of documentation, violence, gender violence unfortunately occur in the projects where young people are participating. Those problematic situations can reverse into worse ones if the youth worker or youth leader or even the staff members responsible for the event are not ready to react in front of such unpleasant situations. And from the expressed concern of youth workers and youth organizations representatives trying to deal with incidents, it has born the idea of The Airbag of Erasmus+ project, with its main outcome: AIRBAG+, a mobile application centralizing all the information that youth entities working in the frame of Erasmus+ programme.