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Air Metal Detector is an app that powers the world’s first Bluetooth based metal detector under the same name.

Air Metal Detector is a modern concept of metal detecting technology. The application of state-of-the-art hardware and software unleashes the way to the features unimagined before. Think of in-app upgradable performance, ability to add new functions by simply purchasing an app add-on and interface improvements of your existing device.

Relying on 12 years of the experience in treasure hunting, we successfully tested the prototypes on a global market of metal detecting hobby groups. Our device turns your mobile phone into an affordable and professional metal detector.

App features:
– Additional display embedded in coil (check current battery charge instantly)
– Highlight of search zone
– Discrimination
– Pin-pointer mode
– Ground balance (manual and auto)
– Support iOS 12 and newer
– Ground balance auto adjustment with respect to temperature
– Power on with magnet keychain (Hall sensor enabled coil)
– Modular architecture
– Phone app has comprehensive advantages for data processing and displaying
– Low price (no need for electronic control block)
– Compact design: all electronics is in waterproof coil
– Easy to start: user-friendly interface; basic and advanced modes
– Visibility range is the same as for professional detectors4

Device technical specifications:
– Battery capacity: 500 mAh
– Battery life: 10 h
– Frequency: 7.5 kHz
– Metal detector type: IB VLF
– Coil: smart DD-coil, 9”
– 12” coin detection depth
– Standard USB charger
– IP 65 rated

You can find out more information about the device on our website:

Find your treasure with us!

Your AIR MD team.