Air Codes Database – Jeff Maynard

A complete and self contained (no internet required) database for the aircraft or aviation enthusiasts and plane spotter. Guides to Aircraft, Airlines. Airports, IATA, ICAO, Q-codes, aviation Abbreviations.

ICAO and IATA codes (aircraft designators) for over 300 in-use aircraft; four-letter codes used by ICAO and three letter codes used by IATA.

Nearly 8,000 entrees of the world’s airports with IATA ands ICAO codes, name and location.

Codes from IATA and ICAO together with name, callsign (where available) and country for over 5,500 airlines. Several hundred also feature the company logo and tail art.

The complete set of aeronautical Q-codes with those in common use highlighted; each code has its meaning when used as a questions and when used as an answer.

Over 2,000 aeronautical abbreviations from AAATS to ZTL. NOTE: the tab for Abbreviations is described as ‘Shortform’ to ensure a good fit on small screens!

The full explanation of how ICAO codes are constructed.

All listings can be sorted (in most cases for any of the columns) and all listings feature a Search function to narrow down the displayed information.

ALL the data is built-in to the app so there is no need for an internet connection when in use; as well as saving on any data plan, this enables the app to be used anywhere including on commercial aircraft.