AIMON Band – AI.MON Co., Ltd.

Monitoring baby’s health and safety. It consists of a gateway and cloud that stores the measurements of AIMON band.

* Demo function let users experience the service. When running the demo, a small amount of data is downloaded and various actual situations are shown for each 20 minutes. See also the linked full videos of all day long at 16x speed and their reviews.

[AIMON Introduction]
The AIMON service consists of band, dedicated gateway, cloud, and app. When the ‘AIMON Band’ is worn on the baby’s ankles, the AIMON Band measures the baby’s biometric information and transmits it to the cloud via a dedicated gateway. Apps can connect to the cloud and monitor information in real time.

[AIMON Band]
The AIMON Band measures five information (heart rate, oxygen saturation, temperature, activity intensity, and crying) needed during the baby’s growth development and sends it to the cloud.

[Cloud and dedicated gateway]
The AIMON Band measures the baby’s status information every 4 to 8 seconds and sends it to the cloud. The band sends its measurement information to a dedicated gateway, and the dedicated gateway sends the band’s measurement information to the cloud.

[Notification function of the app]
When you create an account in the app and register your baby information, the age range is set according to the date of birth and the range values can be adjusted by the parent. The mobile phone alarm sounds when the baby measurement information is out of the adjusted range value.

[Display function of the app]
The app has a real-time display function for the baby’s status information and a function to display cumulative information for 10 minutes. The baby’s status information is expressed in colors and images to provide an intuitive view of the baby’s health and safety.

[Co-parenting function of the app]
App can access an account in the cloud to monitor baby information for registered accounts, and up to three people(app) can access one account at the same time.