Aiffa – Mandeep Singh

AIFFA is a platform that provides challenges to a network of wellness fans, companions and family from over the globe. It is an arrangement of fitness challenges with various individuals in different parts of the world. In only a couple of moments, you can challenge individuals and win reward points.
The application contains various levels so basically pick your test in the comfort of your own inclination!

-All the challenges are structured by the experts.
-Exercises ought to be possible with own body weight/equipments.(depends on the challenge)
-Proper Guidance.
-No Restrictions.
-Full Flexibility.

This application has various types of challenges, for example, Deadlift Challenge, Push-Up Challenge, Chin-Up Challenge, and that’s just the beginning. One can even customise the challenges as per their own preference. Take an interest in challenges with companions to improve wellness and get in shape.

Relies upon the challenge, one can even require various types of equipments and do the same in Gyms and individuals not utilising any hardware can comfort themselves even at Home or in Office. In spite of the fact that it just takes a few minutes, one can viably condition the muscles and win reward focuses.

An individual can make any challenge with or without loads. Gym lovers/ Calisthenics lovers or any other sport lover can challenge to any challenger he needs.

Fitness is the capacity to perform various parts of sports, occupations and day by day exercises. Fitness Challenges causes one to remain inspired and energizes great well-being.

Furthermore, the best part is that you can enroll for nothing, no conditions, no boundations. So set aside your Visa – you don’t need to pay a penny!

Join AIFFA for fitness challenges and acquire your prize focuses and reclaim them later.