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Aidly- Disaster relief app helps communities find essentials during a disaster.

Looking for an app that can help you find food, water, and shelter during a natural disaster? Install Aidly- Disaster relief app and know which location or place is ready with the essentials.

Natural disasters can happen anytime and anywhere. Even if you think you live in the safest place, anything can happen without even letting you know. We can’t always be prepared or have a safety plan for disasters as we know nothing about nature’s plans. To keep people safe and help communities find essentials during a disaster, we have built a social relief app. Users can drop pins for locations that are serving food, water, or shelter, and seekers can also see places where everything is available.

Many disaster alert apps let you know the gravity of the problem, and our emergency management app lets you know the places where essentials are available. No matter where you are, install Aidly- Disaster relief app and be relieved.

Take a look at the key features:
This app for disasters can be used by everyone. Users can add the locations to the maps where food, water, and shelter are available, so others in the community find it fast!
Sufferers will find bottled water, food, or a warm place to stay in the community searching the app.
Everyone will know if the first aid kits are available in nearby places or not.
Everybody can see real-time updates on essentials.
In times of emergencies, users can update the locations according to availability.
Get updates on which location is open or closed.
Give thumbs up and thumbs down for good or bad locations.
Entirely free of cost.

If there is a disaster going on like a tornado, flood or earthquake, survival kits like food and shelter are the most crucial requirements. Our Aidly app works as a survival guide that brings you the information on available essentials.

If you already know things like camping survival, earthquake safety, and emergency rescue, our disaster survival or disaster management app will add to your knowledge and help you get help in real-time.

When communities face disasters and require homeless resources, this disaster aid or management app can be one of the best safety plans in hand.

Install Aidly- Disaster relief for free on your android and iOS devices and fight disasters like a hero!