AI Music – Vocal Separator – Taher Ali Badnawarwala

Music Separation is Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) system which separates your Vocal And Music from any music file. So you can get your favorite music without human vocals in it

Music Separator removes vocal from music . So that you can use music file for your karaoke purpose.

Upload your music mp3 file and system will divide it in to two Audio Files for you . First one contain only vocals and second contain music

Steps for separating music and vocals are

1.Register or login to application

2.Click on second tab which is separator

2.Download mp3 which should not be more now than 5MB . As now we dont have big infrastructure to process it .

3.Click on separate music button . This puts you in processing Que. Once your process is completed you will notified by push notification

4. After your process is completed you can download your vocals and music file

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Music separator ( vocal remover ) is first of its kind on App Store which uses AI to separate vocal and music in any Music file. You can also use music separation app for karaoke as it will give you only music of songs for which you want to record your voice .