Ahoy! On-Call – Ahoy! On-Call, LLC

Ahoy! On-Call is the on-demand app that allows health systems to monitor quality and medical professionals to determine when and where they work. Ahoy! On-Call will transform your free time into additional income by responding to requests from affiliated hospital systems for consultations and other medical services. Additionally, Ahoy! On-Call provides unprecedented access to quality and service driven performance that health systems, hospitals, and patients deserve. Through the Ahoy! On-Call app, health systems and their credentialed medical professionals using the Ahoy! On-Call Command Center for initiating requests for medical services and consultations can:

· Decide whether or not they are available for request
· View requests in real time as they are created by the hospitals
· Decide whether or not they are interested based on the quoted service rate
· Opt-in for requests with a targeted response time based on quoted rate
· Check in when they arrive onsite to provide the service
· Receive star rating of interaction with patient and hospital staff
· Track their earnings based on the requests that have been fulfilled
· Lead to better communication and hand-offs