Ahavanee – Benjamin Todt

Ahavanee is a simulator that lets you guide hatchlings from the beginning all the way to the end of their lives over 7-14 weeks. Your hatchling is looking for self-actualization – and you can help!

The satisfaction of all hatchlings depends on the fulfillment of several needs such as relationships to other hatchlings, safety, status, family, and power. But no two hatchlings are alike. Each hatchling yearns for those needs to different degrees. And each hatchling has unique likes and dislikes which evolve over time. Discover which needs are most important to your hatchling. Because only if you give your hatchling a life that is in line with its needs, will your hatchling become truly happy.

DISCOVER every one or two weeks a new phase in the life of your hatchling

PLANT & HARVEST over 40 different kinds of fruits, vegetables, nuts, mushrooms, herbs and spices

COOK dishes with your harvest

COLLECT fruits, vegetables, nuts, mushrooms, herbs, and spices

TRADE your supplies with other hatchlings in the game

TRAIN your reaction time, memory and hearing in 4 mini games with over 100 levels – from super easy to incredibly hard

FIND your better half and start your own family tree

(This game contains several digital items as in-app purchases. However, the game can also be played without purchasing these items.)