Agri10x – Agri10x

Agri10x is a new age Agriculture platform that connects farmers to buyers and traders digitally

Farmers can make decisions in their farming business to increase profitability. It harnesses the state of the art technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence to usher the farmers into the era of digital farming. Farmers have access to global traders which in turn ensures better rates for their produce. Traders get residue-free fruits, pulses & vegetables and can trace the origin of the produce, which will help sustain a well-balanced healthy lifestyle for generations to come. Our values are our promise and we believe in Transparency, Traceability & Immutability.

Absolutely free of cost, this new and enhanced app has the following key features:

Add Stock: You can add stock as and when required

My stock: My stock keeps a track of all the stock currently available at hand

KYC: In the KYC section, your key documents are uploaded so as to ascertain the authenticity of the Farmer as well as the Trader.

Weather: Our as good as ever climate segment currently gives you an estimate on key parameters to plan your farming exercises and spare the yield from misfortunes.

Request: In this section, you can put out your request to the whole community be it for selling or procuring produce.

Come, join the fastest-growing community of smart, progressive farmers & traders and be a part of global phenomena at Agri10x.