Agri – Bunge Asia Pte Ltd

Agri is an enterprise app designed for both sales and customers in Asia. With the Agri app you get secured real-time access to information of customers, contracts, shipments and customer accounts when you’re on the go.

The app focuses on the five key areas Bunge sales and customers want while using the mobile:

Account Management
– Access your (or your client’s) Bunge account information to see account balance and credit information.

Contract Management
– View your contracts and follow the status of each contract.

Shipment Management
– View your shipments and follow the execution status of your shipments.

Customer Management
– This function is for Sales Rep. only.
– View information of your customers including summary of contracts and shipments.

Message Center
– Notify sales or customers in business scenarios when contract overdue, payment completed, goods delivered, etc.

The Agri app requires you to obtain a user name and password provided by Bunge. You may store your credentials in the app and stay logged in. If you don’t currently have an app account, please contact your local Bunge representative or email