afya – WISE Healthcare LLC

Afya is an artificial intelligence (AI) enabled virtual care app on a smart phone that literally puts access to care in the hands of the phone user. Afya Global is an artificial intelligence-driven technological platform dedicated to transforming the landscape of care delivery as we know it. The specialist-engineered, AI-enabled mobile application allows smartphone users to quickly, accurately, and conveniently diagnose most medical conditions and reach appropriate care. Afya’s AI technology and approach were developed using input from numerous medical specialists in nearly every specialty. The accuracy of Afya’s AI was proven through research at Huntington Memorial Hospital in Los Angeles in 2004. The United States Army was the first organization to try out the technology in 2007—before the smart phone was even in use. In spite of Afya’s technology proving accurate, at that time the healthcare world wasn’t ready and the smart phone technology was not in everybody’s hands.
Today, the world is ready for Afya—and Afya is ready for the world. The app has been updated and improved to include more health conditions and is ready to go to market to fill the need for accurate, quick, and convenient access to care.