Afrogane – Afrogane

Listen to the best of African music, explore the rich history, culture, beauty and true nature of Africa.

Discover different sounds, genres, albums, and artists from Africa to reveal and explore the rich culture of the continent.

Afrogane brings you the best of African music. Fast and easy access to songs, artists and playlists from each African country. Stream music and music videos, check out lyrics and their translation to get a deeper understanding of songs.

– Discover new music, artists, songs, playlists from African countries you never had access to before.
– Watch music videos of the hottest songs.
– Find different and unique genres from the African continent.
– Learn about the untold and rich history of the African continent and its peop
– Explore the beauty of Africa from your mobile, tablet and desktop browser.

Afrogane gives you different playlists created by experts of African sounds and genres from different regions and countries.

Find music and content that will brighten up your day and lift your spirit.

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