Aeroqual Mobile – Aeroqual

View data from your Aeroqual air monitoring system remotely and in real-time.

Supported monitors:

– AQS 1
– Dust Sentry
– Dust Sentry Pro
– AQY 1
– AQM 65.

Get real-time data to your mobile, so you can see air quality measurements at a glance.


– Users must be on a paid Aeroqual Cloud Plan
– Users must set up monitoring locations in the Cloud desktop app

With the Aeroqual Mobile App you are able to:

– View all your projects in one place
– Sort projects so that your favourites are always handy
– View monitoring locations within your project
– View real-time values being reported from monitoring locations
– Sort monitoring locations so that your favourites are always handy
– Verify the monitor is logging data in the field or working remotely.

More features are on the way – get started and give us your feedback on what you’d like to see.

About Aeroqual

Every day, environmental, health, and safety professionals are protecting people and planet from the impact of poor air. In this pursuit, better data supports better decision making that leads to better health and productivity.   

Aeroqual’s integrated monitoring and software systems make it easy to measure the air. Backed by industry-leading sensor technology, we deliver real-time data the professionals can trust.  

Since 2001 we’ve partnered with government, industry, researchers and consultants on thousands of projects in 70 countries on all seven continents. We’re also collaborating with the U.S. EPA on a 5-year R&D project to accelerate air sensor technology into the future. 

Together we’re working towards a world where the threat of air pollution is diminished and where people feel safe to take their next breath.