AEB Mobile – Your digital Bank – Armenian Economy Development Bank

Armeconombank’s mobile application allows to manage accounts without visiting the bank.
Sign in with a Face ID or fingerprint.
If you are AEB mobile bank’s user, you can simply enter the recipient’s phone number or email address and make “Easy transfer” between Armeconombank’s accounts without any fee.
Through AEB mobile application you can:
• execute utility payments
• execute loan repayment
• place and replenish a deposit
• execute transfers within and out of Armenia
• execute currency exchange
• apply for a new card, for reissue and block
• open new accounts in different currencies
• receive transfers from abroad directly to the card via Cash2Card service, etc…
You can send your question in the section of messages.
Find all ATMs, Cash-Ins, Cash-In/Outs and Branches nearby.
Your AEB application allows you to have YOUR DIGITAL BANK.