Advocate Lite – Simplify Corp

The Simplify Advocate app is the mobile version of “Advocate”, our proprietary customer service platform used to facilitate the services we provide our customers. Current functionality of the app; Trouble Ticket management features including reviewing active tickets, reporting new trouble, closing tickets, posting journal updates to tickets, subscribing to ticket notifications, and reporting (for our customers with MMS services).
With a passion for client service and a dedication to unwrap the telecom maze, Simplify™ was founded with a mission to provide valuable services and solutions to corporations that suffer from the anxiety of being an outsider in a carrier’s world.
Simplify™ serves as a liaison between its clients and almost all of the major service providers in the industry today. We are driven to make our clients’ impossibly complex business reality become simpler, more cost effective and completely transparent so they can leverage the industry with a best-practices approach throughout the ongoing communications life cycle. We research, we test, we haggle for pricing on your behalf. Simplify™ becomes a literal one-stop solution for everything in the enterprise communications arena. Why? Because it is what we do. It is the only thing we do. We service our clients.
We hope that you will honor us with the opportunity to serve you. We do all the work, you make the decisions.™ And with Simplify™, you make the right ones.