Advisor DigITS – Media Engineering Srl

Advisor is the personalized and multichannel business communication application for companies.
It allows the centralized management of digital materials for corporate marketing (brochures, visuals, videos, etc.).
A single application container of all materials organized by quarters and years.
Advisor to date is used by more than 700 informants in Italy and several thousand worldwide.

This app is perfect for: sharing business materials, business training and CRM.
The dynamic menu allows the immediate insertion or removal of new thematic areas.
It is possible to include all existing materials in PDF and send them by email; to generate product order forms or interact with existing order management apps; to integrate with enterprise CMRs such as, Veeva, Cegedim, TrueBLue ; to have the whole control of content from the office and full or segmented synchronization across Salesforce tablets or reference website.
The Client-Server infrastructure, on which the Advisor app was built, guarantees a centralized management of the entire process of distribution and administration of digital materials.
All the contents loaded in the system will constitute the e-Detailing environment that can be accessed by the various Clients connected to the same Server.
In this way it will be possible to share materials with the various business areas, improving internal and external communication.
The company management will then be able to evaluate the effectiveness of digital promotional materials distributed to the Sales Force.
The Application is provided with a powerful costumizable Analytics engine and a GDPR compliance.