Advaita – Music and You – Rachit Technology Pvt Ltd

Amazing music which will help you to focus more while working, reading, exercising, running, cycling, sleeping, meditating, travelling, studying…

‘Advaita – Music & You’ is an amazing musical mobile app, where it will play specific music depending upon the activity you have selected.

We believe that music plays a very significant role in our life. Studies have shown that, besides just an entertainment value, Music also helps to increase your focus. Whatever activity you are doing, if you do that along with the specific music, it always removes distraction and helps to focus or concentrate faster. Music helps to stay productive when you are working or reading or studying or doing exercise or basically doing any activity.

How exactly it works?

‘Advaita – Music & You’ mobile app has a wide collection of music to help you to focus or concentrate and stay productive while doing any activity i.e. reading, travelling, running, cycling, meditating, studying, doing exercise/yoga………

App will play specific music as per the activity you have selected.

While reading any book, app will play the specific audio, depending upon the genre of book. When you want to read any book, just type in the name of that book or author or ISBN in the search window of this app, and then immediately our App will play the specific music for a perfect harmony.

It will definitely give you an amazing experience while you are doing any activities.

Music available for –
* Meditation
* Yoga
* Sleep
* Running
* Cycling
* Exercise/Workout
* Book/Reading
* Study
* Office
* Travel
* Leisure
* Entertainment

Features of this Musical App –

* Amazing collection of instrumental music
* User friendly interface

This is not a book reading App, so no books can be downloaded or purchased. Book cover list shown in this app is just for display purpose.

Credit list of music owners is mentioned in this app.

Have a rich musical experience. Enjoy!