ADRE – Union Contents

How can we interpret “travel” in the “Untact (No contact)” era?
ADRE begins with newly reinventing all the experiences we have gained from travelling.

The sound of ocean waves, the motion of forest, the chirping of birds, and the sound of your footsteps. Capturing all of these from the site, we offer you the scenery and the sound in the form of beautiful illustrations and piano melodies.

For our very first series, we spent a week in Jeju, Korea’s most fabulous island, and recorded the real sounds of the nature in ASMR. We had a professional illustrator turn the scenery into a picture. And then, we play the sentiments we felt in beautiful Jeju through the songs written by Jazz pianist, Kwang Yong Kim.

Imagine being able to go to Jeju whenever and wherever you are – in the office or while driving. That’s Adre.
Experience the island through the sounds of the nature, meditation, and music.

With Adre, take time out and get some air in your busy and airless daily life.
Our travel series continue.