Adora Experiences – Adora Experiences Inc

Adora is the best way for you to take personalized, digital tours of colleges and universities. Whether you are on or off-campus, Adora will generate a unique tour tailored to you and your interests. Tour and browse curated multi-media content with in-app navigation and augmented reality exploration. With Adora, you can:

– Take a personalized tour with custom content tailored to you
– Take a self-guided version of the various universities Admission’s official student-led tour
– Listen to or read content about a universities’ campus, history, traditions, student life and academics
– Browse images and videos along your tour
– If on a universities’ campus:
– Navigate campus
– Identify and learn about points of interest around campus using Augmented Reality (AR)

Adora offers engaging tours for all visitors including prospective students, families, students, and tourists!