Adobe Field Connection – Cyberbia

Meet Adobe Field Connection! The latest,  easy to use, mobile app designed with our sellers in mind. Prompting users to quickly connect with the latest sales content and events as soon as they’re ready and helping sellers close business faster, against in-quarter targets.  Adobe Field Connection proactively notifies you of the most current sales news, promotions, tools, resources and training events you can’t miss, you have all you need at your fingertips.

Features include:
Easy to use: Relevant, real-time information available directly within the App
No outdated content: you only see what’s currently hot for sellers
Latest sales-focused content: Swiftly locate product launch and release content and sales initiative information
Relevant sales resources: Recently posted or highly rated information, resurfacing content to refresh skills and assist with hitting in quarter targets
Registration for eSeminars in one place: Easily find and register for events on the spot
On demand eLearning: New or existing reps can quickly enrol in new product, programs or sales skills eLearning any time and validate your skills using the assessment at the end of each course.
Sales Video Podcasts: hear from experts around on Why Adobe, Why Now sales pitches to our most current sales priorities.
Sharing: Share resources and assets with other users and customers directly within the App
Push Notifications: so you don’t have to search for the current release information or news. We’ll let you know about it!