ADI Theory Untangled – Dripl

More than 50% of people failed their ADI part-1 test in 2019. The ADI Theory Untangled app will ensure that you are not one of them. Here is how:

+ We will tell you when you are ready

Get cracking with the practice and mock tests and keep an eye on the progress rings on the home screen. When the rings are about to close, you are ready. Go book that test.

+ Simplicity is the key

It is right there in the name. Untangled means an app you can fire-up on your commute, while waiting for your kettle to boil or while your partner is watching Strictly (don’t).

+ Hazard Perception included

Or maybe you can convince your partner to watch Hazard Perception clips together? They are included in the app. No extra charges.

+ Doesn’t cost a fiver

Talking about charges, why does every theory app costs a fiver? Well, not any more. You can have our app for the price of a skinny latte. Buy a celebrity bobblehead separately if you are into that. Or not?

+ Licensed materials from the DVSA

The learning materials for our app are licensed from the DVSA. 800-odd questions & 34 hazard perception clips. From the people who make the real test.

+ A sprinkle of Science

Learning 700 questions can be daunting. So we have built the app with spaced repetition – the science that will ensure that you don’t forget what you have learned. As you go through the material, questions will repeat until you get them right several times.

+ Privacy first

We don’t like snooping. We are not interested in your email, your gender or what you post on Facebook. Pass the test. Delete the app. Move on.

+ A new feature every other week

Finally, we would like this to be a collaboration. Dripl x You. We will release a new feature every other week. Tell us what you want. We will make it happen.

+ Notes

This product includes the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) revision question bank.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has given permission for the reproduction of Crown copyright material. DVSA does not accept responsibility for the accuracy of the reproduction.

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