AdGuard Home Remote – RocketScience IT

AdGuard Home Remote makes managing your AdGuard Home quick and easy. Quickly enable/disable blocking features, as well as view statistics such as top clients and top domains. Manage your clients, filters, DNS rewrites, and more.

*Control Blocking*
You can quickly enable or disable filtering & safe browsing/search. You can even manage specific settings for your clients!

View graphs of your queries as well as top clients and domains. Search through your queries in the Query Log with detailed request and response info.

*Manage Settings*
Add or edit your clients, add some new filters or maybe disable them for a while, update your filters, create new DNS rules, or edit your Query Log settings.


iPhone & iPad features:
– Control Filtering & Safe Browsing/Search
– View basic & advanced statistics
– Query Log with search and filters
– Manage your Clients, Filters, and DNS Rewrites (requires Pro)
– Support for multiple instances (requires Pro)
– Clean and modern 100% SwiftUI design
– Customisable color schemes

AdGuard Home Remote Pro:
Additional features are unlocked with a one-time purchase which will also support future development.


AdGuard Home Remote is a third-party app and is not directly affiliated by AdGuard. For more information about AdGuard Home, visit