ADAMM RSM – Health Care Originals

Our app, ADAMM RSM, is meant to accompany our RSM wearable. The app is primarily used to show data collected by the wearable and configure the wearable. Our wearable collects data like coughing, motion, skin temperature, heart rate, respiration rate and may be extended to include wheezing and other features of interest of the lung and heart.

As our wearable is used by a wide community from athletes to health enthusiasts, the app may be configured for showing only the data from the wearable or may be configured to include helpful tracking of medication or peak flow data.

The allows data to be shown in ranges from daily to 30 days at a time so patterns and trends could be recognised by the user. Ideally, the user will begin to use the data to map their own normal conditions and based on their personal normal, see how they change over time due to other factors.

The data from our wearable as seen on the app together with data entered by the user are meant for the user to utilise as they see fit. Caution: this data must not be used to alter any prescribed treatment without first consulting with someone authorised to make alterations to treatment.

Security features of the app:
– the app requires logging in with a username and password each time that it is opened and logging in requires internet access;
– an offline mode is available to enter data when logging in is not possible but does not allow the viewing of historical data;
– the app will timeout regardless if being used or not and will require logging in to continue using;
– the app does not allow viewing of data the first time that it is being set up on a smart device until a RSM wearable is paired with it.
Note: please ensure that your smart device is password protected with a strong password and screen lock is activated with a short timeout.