Actiways – Marton Takacs

Actiways is an app that aims to connect people based on location. For example connecting people from the same neighbourhood, music festival or sports event.

To achieve these goals users can submit, browse and reply to posts that were published close to them. With this method, people with the same interest and close geographical location are connected in chat conversations. To understand all the features of Actiways please see the following more detailed list.

Users can do the following on Actiways:


– Register and log in with a full-access account

**Post Submission**

– Submit posts with a subject, description, optional tags and optional pictures in a specific topic
– Setup who can see their posts based on age, gender and distance
– Set up an expiration day of their post (after which the post will be no longer visible)
– Setup how many users can reply to their post

**Post Browsing**

– Browse other users’ posts ordered by distance
– Filter the listed posts based on gender/age of the owner and distance/submission date of the post
– Visit other user’s profile where they can see their profile picture, bio and posts that they are eligible to see
– Reply to a post in a chat window
– Share a post on other social media platforms like Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp etc.
– Search for other users based on username
– Delete their posts
– Report other users’ post if they think it is inappropriate


– Accept or reject incoming responses to their posts
– In case of accepting the incoming request they can have written conversations in chats


– Change their profile details (bio, profile picture, phone number etc.)
– Toggle push notifications
– Setup their spoken languages
– Setup their post languages (the language they write their posts in)
– Re-read the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions documents
– See their collected credits based on their activity