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Welcome to Active Stream. The pioneering new fitness app that will change the way you work out at home forever. Whether you are a beginner or expert, train with Active Stream and enjoy 100s of fitness programmes created by your favorite personal trainers. Achieve your goals and stay fit and strong at home, with Active Stream.

From HITT and strength training to Yoga, boxing, and much more, we are proud to uniquely connect you with real, qualified, and approachable personal trainers direct to your home through live and recorded workouts.

Offering you a tailored and personal experience at the touch of a button whenever you want; meet real trainers and enjoy real classes with continual fresh content to keep you inspired and engaged on your fitness journey.

Active Stream offers users innovative live workouts with some of the best personal trainers in the market, across a variety of different disciplines. Our Live sessions provide a personalised training experience in the comfort of your own home and are set to change the face of fitness in the region forever