actio: Live Coaching – Happy Habits Solution GmbH

Tired of feeling tired? Ready to realise your full potential?
actio: is the latin equivalent to action. Consistency fused with repetition is how we can realise our full potential. actio: gives you full access to renowned coaches in various fields which guarantee sustainable success. From nutrition to mindfulness, creativity and fitness. Renowned coaches call you, live only, In merely fifteen minutes we enable personal coaching, anywhere and .Get active, build new routines and transform with your new attitude for life.

This is actio:
*Move. Feel. Grow: Pick any field in wh9ich you’d like to build new routines.
*We adapt to your life, tell us your day + time and receive your personal schedule. .
*Just pick up your phone! No more excuses, we will call YOU!
*Your coach trains your live with our community
*No artificial training: We believe in human to human connections.
*Hence: We stick with it, so that you stick with it!

There is more potential inside you than you think.
Kickstart your new routines and your new attitude for life with minimal time effort.

actio: Coaching-Packages

Small: 9,90 € → 3 sessions, 15 minutes each
Medium 29,90 € → 12 sessions, 15 minutes each
Large 39,90 € → 21 sessions, 15 minutes each