Actie – farzin tavakoli

Stay productive while your tasks get organized based on your daily progress

Actie is one of the first applications that smartly prioritize and organize your tasks, goals & habits. It will schedule your plans every day in your first visit based on your predefined priorities, deadlines, and your daily progress.

Also, Actie will make all skipped tasks up and get you back on track with some smartly balanced rescheduling to make you reach your deadlines and helps you to stick to your goals.

Besides, you can track and analyze your performance with an individual time tracker for each activity to be aware of your progress and if you forgot to record your activities with the time tracker, you can add it manually in the Sessions part and your progress will be updated immediately.

How to use:

· Define your activity as deadline-based or routine-based.

· Specify each task priority

· Set Session duration time

· Enjoy your daily scheduled plan


· Set deadlines for your tasks

· Intuitive progress display for each task

· Individual time tracker for all tasks

· Add records manually in The Sessions part

· Reminder to inform you when the timer ends

Actie believes in stick but not streak.