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Acing the Interviews – The App that takes your interview preparation to the next level.

This mobile app is designed to serve as an all-in-one app that aims to help the jobseekers before, during, and after their interviews..

This unique app is accompanied with the book Wiley Acing the Interviews. Keeping in mind the jobseekers’ requirements, this app has been developed to provide ample guidance and practice to jobseekers to communicate effectively before, during, and after their interviews.

This dedicated companion app is part of the unique assisted learning methodology of the book. This methodology has various elements, such as Concept, Role Play, Quiz, and Vocabulary Practice. This app helps the jobseekers to reinforce their learning through practice exercises. Users will find the exercises effective and enjoyable and will significantly add value in their endeavor to ace their interviews.

Interview is generally regarded associated with nervousness and anxiety. However, with the help of this App, jobseekers would be equipped with the necessary knowledge to ace successfully in their interviews.

What’s inside:
Role Play
Vocabulary Practice

Some of the highlights of the App which the learner may use:

Self-Learning Concept Videos
• understand the concepts through scenarios
• audio/visual aids various learning styles

Role Play
• Observe and analyze concepts.
• Enact activities and review those.

Quiz Questions
• Stimulate the learners’ knowledge and curiosity through simple-to-complex Multiple Choice Questions.
• Expand knowledge base while learning subtly Vocabulary Enhancement.
• Know meaning and pronunciation of skill-related words.
• An exceptional opportunity to record your voices and compare with pre-recorded expert voice.
• Enhance pronunciation and build up confidence.

Acing the Interview is the best way to turbo-charge your professional growth.

You will need a valid course code and a license key to use this app. If you have any questions, do write to

The 3 sections of the book have been supplemented by the following App Lessons for the benefit of the readers:

Section 1: Before the Interview

App Lessons

Exploring Employment Opportunities
Researching the Company and Job
Before the Interview
Effective Listening
Cover Letter
Writing a Resume – Basic
Writing a Resume – Advanced
Communication Skills
Reported Speech
Learning to Listen
Modulating Speech

Section 2: During the Interview

App Lessons

Professional Etiquette
Dressing for an Interview
Introducing Yourself
Why Should We Hire You?
Talking About Career Goals
Talking About The Company
Strengths and Weaknesses
Asking Questions During an Interview
Telephone Etiquette
Group Discussion – Basic
Group Discussion – Advanced
Answering Technical Questions
Improving Your Domain Knowledge
Body Language
Being Confident and Assertive
Stress Management
Time Management

Section 3: After the Interview

App Lessons

After the Interview
Discussing Salary
Creating a Presentation
Presenting to an Audience
Negotiating Skills