Ace-IT Smart Vocabulary Tests – Zhicheng Private School

Prepare for any English proficiency exam anywhere, anytime with more than 13,000 challenging vocabulary questions and auto-graded quizzes that will automatically adapt to your level!

Key features :
– 4 different quiz modes : Evaluation, Test, Practice and Review mode
– Intelligent algorithm : Get completely personalised quizzes based on your level!
– Practice with English vocabulary organised by up to 40 different topics
– Ideal to prepare for TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC and AEIS English proficiency exams
– In Practice mode only : Tap on any word to get access to collocates and Oxford dictionary
– Search translation of any word in 25 different languages. Ex : Chinese, Malay and Indonesian
– After taking a quiz, review all of your mistakes so you’ll be ready for your English exams
– Detailed statistics : Understand your level in English and check your progress daily

Prepare for any official English exam in 3 simple steps :
1. Download Ace-IT App
2. Sign up for a free account
3. Take the Evaluation quiz

and find out if you’re ready to Ace-IT!