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All of the questions on the ACCUPLACER, with the exception of the written essay, are multiple choice. The test is given in a “computer-adaptive” format which means that the difficulty level of questions will vary based on a student’s responses to previous questions. The tests are not timed and the number of questions will vary. The specific test formats are detailed below:
Sentence Skills – The ACCUPLACER sentence skills test consists of 20 multiple choice questions. There are two types of questions in the test: sentence correction and construction shift. Sentence correction questions focus on a student’s understanding of sentence structure. A sentence will be presented that has an underlined portion. The student is asked to choose the best word or phrase from four choices. The construction shift questions require a student to rewrite a sentence according to specific criteria.

Elementary Algebra – The ACCUPLACER elementary algebra test contains 12 multiple choice questions. There are three types of questions: integers and rational numbers, operations with algebraic expressions, and translating written phrases into algebraic expressions.

College-Level Mathematics – The ACCUPLACER college-level mathematics test consists of 20 multiple choice questions. The questions cover six different topics: algebraic operations, solutions of equations and inequality, coordinate geometry, applications and other algebra topics, functions and trigonometry.

WritePlacer – The WritePlacer test asks a student to write a 300-600 word, multi-paragraph essay on a given topic. The intent of the test is to assess a candidate’s ability to write effectively. The essay will be graded on five criteria: focus, organization, development and support, sentence structure, and mechanical conventions.

ESL (English as a Second Language) – The ACCUPLACER ESL tests are intended to assess a student’s understanding and use of English for academic purposes. The ESL tests are designed to place students in appropriate language courses.

App Features:
– Hundreds of questions and detailed rationales for each Q&A
– Multi Learning Options (Virtual, Actual and Training Options)
– Custom exam builder (Create your own practice sessions)
– Advanced test taking strategy
– No Internet required
– No In-App-Purchases
– No In-App Downloads, except updates!
– No Signup or sing-in, just download and start learning
– Detailed history and progress reports

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