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A premium meal delivery application in Pune that provides meal & tiffin services
For people who are staying away from home, Accio brings the best tiffin delivery service for them as India’s one of a kind premium tiffin service delivery application.

With the help of Accio, you can have a tasty meal anytime you want without relying on some monotonous local tiffin service providers

Accio is a spell which Harry Potter used to summon anything he wants. But here, you use Accio to summon your meal right away!

Once you take a meal subscription in Accio, you will get your breakfast, lunch, and dinner delivered 3 times a day at your doorsteps at your convenient time. This subscription works as any tiffin service online. But you don’t always need to pre-book your entire month’s meal service in Accio, since you’ll be provided with an option of ordering them right away as well. Hence, if you are starving in the office and wondering how to get a tiffin service near you just for one night, Accio is the app you should think of. Accio even provides you the trial meal pack at a pretty low cost before you decide to choose them as your tiffin service in Pune.

Above all, Accio provides you with a contactless meal and tiffin service delivery with proper sanitization during this time of the pandemic.

Features and Services:
1. Fast delivery:
We promise not to keep you hungry. Hence, when you summon your meal, we deliver in the blink of an eye!

2. Amazing unboxing experience
Along with amazing tiffin services three times a day, you get an amazing unboxing experience too that makes you feel like saving the meal boxes. Because, if we can’t impress you with the first look, then what are we even doing?

3. Varieties of cuisines
WE repeat, Accio is not one of your regular and boring tiffin service providers. They bomber your tongue with a broad variety of cuisines like South Indian, North Indian, Mughal, and many more.

4. Weekly meal plan
All you need to do is subscribe to our monthly meal service delivery plans, sit back, and wait for the food to get delivered to you every day

5. When sanitization is the wand
We keep our kitchen well sanitized. Our cooks’ and riders’ temperature is measured every day before they enter the kitchen or carry your food to you. We also sanitize the package before delivering it to you.

If you liked our application, please leave us a rating with your valuable inputs, so we can serve you best and become India’s one of a kind premium meal delivery application.