Academy. Psychology and books – Anna Kulman

Our online education is at your fingertips, where the advice of a psychologist can help replace books for self-development and life change. Only useful and scholarly materials are collected here to show life from a different perspective. 

The Academy answers life questions, especially:
– How to become successful, happy and satisfied with yourself? 
– How to solve problems in communication with a partner or a child?
– How do you become a sought-after professional and get more for your work?
– How to build a business and form a team?
– How to change your life?
Directions: psychology, ethology, reading method, strategy, semiotics, human mechanisms, morphology, genetics, sociology, finance, media and other sciences.

How to use the app:
Enlightenments are collected texts from great books that are divided into sections. They tell you which book is dedicated to the Enlightenment. Each week they are updated with new material on a different topic. Update the app and explore new areas of psychology.
New Language is a glossary of terms that will come in handy when reading enlightenment. As well as learning a new language to improve brain function.
The enlightener is a personal assistant who will articulate the situation, find the cause and give the solution. Write unashamedly, we help you understand yourself.
Miracle Workers is our general chat room where everyone shares ideas, thoughts, questions and solutions. With no restrictions on topics or directions, we discuss learning.

Our benefits:
– Personal development through self-understanding;
– Consultation of a psychologist who will give the right advice;
– Self-development and personal growth is provided through practice;
– Awareness and changing the level of aspiration;
– Education and learning about the world through self and feelings;
– Relationship and communication psychology;
– Learning and gaining new neuronal connections. 

The Academy is a free online psychologist where one consultation replaces sessions. It’s important to us to help change lives, increase personal growth, and show how self-development works through real examples. 

With the help of our application, everyone discovers self-awareness, leads every day in the “here and now”, receives and adapts new knowledge about himself and the world. Together we introduce useful habits, neutralize chronic fatigue syndrome, form attitudes and affirmations, talk about personal growth and change lives.

The free version includes enlightenments with ad review, learning a new language, and group chat. The paid version is an investment for new enlightenments, personal visionary support, and adding new features to the app. 
The Academy is happy to hear suggestions because we’re improving the app every day. Our contact email is