ABS Queen: 30 Day Ab Challenge – BRAVOCADO, LLC

Get rid of your belly fat and get sculpted abs in 30 days.
Is it possible? We say YES!
Getting revealed abs requires a combination of right specific exercises on daily basis. We’ve developed a systematic 30-day workout plan that will target every part of your abs, giving you that flat belly!

Challenge yourself! Start training today to see tangible results in 30 days.

ABS Queen app provides you with:
30-day program of daily workouts that is super easy to get into
Everyday workout: daily set of exercises with gradually increased intensity
Instructions for all exercises with useful tips and text guides
Gentle notifications which help you to stay on a track
Workouts include only safe bodyweight exercises which are proven to improve physical condition and health.
Exercises are super-convenient and do not require gym equipment so that you can train any time.
ABS Queen app is free to download.

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ABS Queen is one of the apps by full body fitness app SlimQueen. Check out SlimQueen for holistic approach to home workouts.