About Time Tours – AboutTimeTours

About Time Tours automates and streamlines all of these critically important functions in one easy, secure, and convenient app.

Schedule >
– Easy MLS number entry that securely provides information needed for the property wanting to be toured.
– Effortlessly acquire authorization for touring the property with automatic approval notifications sent to Listing Agent.
– Conveniently customize your tour schedule with a starting location.
– Securely share the final tour itinerary with your homebuyer.

Navigation >
– Convenient automatic optimization or easily customize home navigation priority; your choice.
– Integrate an agreeable starting location for you and your homebuyer to meet.
– Leverage real-time navigation routes to optimize your tour driving.
– Agents and Homebuyers can be in the comfort of their own cars while easily navigating an optimized tour.

Show >
– Easily take pictures of the home your touring in the app with secure sharing capability.
– Write notes or questions as you’re touring the home with secure sharing capability.
– Focus your efforts on relationship building, not tour logistics.

Notify >
-Automatic notifications to the Home Seller and Listing Agent with geographic or manual triggered “Your Next on Tour” alerts.
– Automatic Home Seller alerts that share “We’ve Left your Home”.
– No more dragging the kids and dogs out of the house for 90 minutes only to find out the Buyers were there for only 5 minutes!

Feedback >
– Finally, send hassle-free follow up to the Listing Agent with convenient prompts during a tour.
– Simple, one-click “My Client is interested/not interested” flash feedback with optional notes.
– Feedback is secure and specific to the property you are being prompted on.

Listing Management >
– All of your listings in one secure and convenient place.
– Intelligently view showing log of your listings; past, present, and future.
– Listing feedback saved for price and positioning modifications.

**Technical note: Check with your Principle Broker to be sure your firm has opted IN to List Hub data**