About Magazine – GE Avio SRL

About, the Avio Aero’s people magazine. A hub hosting stories of excellence and passion, in which the reader can discover experiences of people who – in several areas with their job – are contributing to the evolution of the aeronautical world. Five sections, a digital pentagon in which each corner has a different name and perspective.

Aviation, stories and reports of products and services for the aviation of both today and tomorrow. Presented by Avio Aero people or commented by customers or partners.

Invent, innovation and digitization of the industry would not take place without the intuition of our engineers. You can find all of this here, together with the skills of technicians and operators allowing Avio Aero and the sector to improve constantly.

Future, technologies developed today will inspire future generations. This section looks towards the future paying particular attention to sustainability and collaborations with schools, academies and research institutes aimed at tech development and training.

Humans, people are at the authentic and original core of any story. Here we can find the value of their life experiences and background, even outside of Avio Aero.

Culture, telling us not only who we are, but also what we believe in. Avio Aero is a community of people working together in a diverse and inclusive environment, aiming for great goals.

Aviation Invent Future Humans Culture… About Magazine reports all of this.