Aboud Plus – Abdullah Qurdahji

Aboud+ Life Coach & Planner is the simplest way to improve your mood. Become more positive, grateful, and resilient with this app.

A good sculptor can look at a stone and see the figure within. In the same way, Aboud can help you discover the person you want to become.

Aboud is a professional consultant offering life coaching services in all dimensions of cognitive and personal development. He is a licensed practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming in life coaching field and a Certified New Code NLP Practitioner in life coaching services.

With his learned approach, professional expertise and an extensive experience of practice, Aboud is making a huge difference in people’s life and helping them discover their innate potential. For getting coaching consultation, you can choose from these simple yet highly effective packages and can utilize the acclaimed services of Aboud to redesign your life the way you want.

Package 1:

30 Minutes Life Coaching Consultation

A thirty minutes personalized life coaching session to analyze and co-create your substantial life goals and mapping out the routes to your massive success.
Don’t wait for the perfect moment to start. Take this moment and make it marvelous. Get your brief life coaching session now to transform your future! Your future self will thank you later.

Package 2:

60 Minutes Life Coaching Consultation

An extensive one hour life coaching session is going to provide you a detailed insight about your stumbling blocks in your progress and how to overcome them.
It’s a comprehensive life coaching session where you will be coached according to your needs in order to uncover your innate potential for making life accomplishments.

Why you need life coaching?

Sometimes you find yourself stuck in some area or phase of life and are unable to see your way out. Your methods do not work well or you lack the strength to face the challenges of life. In such situations, it’s the life coach that helps you reconnect with your true self and helps you find the courage to spend the life of success.

This life coaching session will increase your inspiration, emotional strength, mental resilience and the ability to perform your fullest. Alternatively, you can avail life coaching services to enhance your personal, team or business growth.

So what are you waiting for? DOWNLOAD NOW! And help reconnect with your true self using Aboud+ Life Coach & Planner App