Abomis BRS – Ali Timajchi

ABOMIS Baggage Reconciliation System utilizes a handheld infrared scanner to improve baggage handling data capture while minimizing manual effort. Compliant with IATA Resolution 753, ABOMIS mobile baggage reconciliation system is ready to answer the IT and operational needs of any airport. Our solution reduces operating costs by streamlining the baggage handling process and resources.
Ensuring that the checked baggage is reconciled with its passenger before it is loaded onto a flight is crucial for flight safety and operational efficiency. ABOMIS Baggage Reconciliation System makes sure that no baggage gets on board the aircraft without the relevant passenger.
ABOMIS BRS for Airports
ABOMIS offers a custom-tailored reconciliation system for airports of any size. Our solution can be fully integrated with any airport baggage handling systems’ infrastructures to monitor the baggage journey. This system can send real-time information regarding any specific baggage loading status, including the particular aircraft or container.

Features & Benefits
• Automated baggage tracking and reconciliation, assist in real-time monitoring of the movement and loading of baggage during the departure process
• integrates with the same barcode system utilized by ABOMIS Departure Control System to identify bags and track their movements through airports
• Tracks every bag and container
• Working with a barcode scanner and Bluetooth barcode scanner
• Finding specific bag tag and relevant baggage status
• Adding a bag tag to the blocklist
• The sound and vibration settings can be customized
• Entering barcode manually
• Point to point monitoring during check-in and sorting
• Full compliance with IATA Resolution 753
• Reduce costs, through optimizing the baggage handling process using the least manpower and reducing lost and mishandled baggage
• Reduce the risk of misloads and handler error
• Improved passenger service, because less baggage caused departure delays
• Improved security and conformance to standards
• Prevention of incorrect loading
• Enhanced operational efficiency
• Reduces passenger processing time
• Matches all bags with boarded passengers
• App compatibility with mobile and hand-held devices
• Quickly locate problem (no show or invalid load) bags for offload in case of no-show PAX