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aBlueC is a lot more than just a free speech, non-biased, social media focused on protecting user’s rights application that helps you stay connected with friends, family, and information.

aBlueC is a super network allowing you to: Catch the Wave

Find work
Sell and find millions of products
Create an online store and easily sell products without advertising.
Find service providers that can help you right now when you need help the most
Share photos and videos straight from your phone camera or library, and you have full control with privacy settings.
Build an Engaging Profile
Customize your profile, add a photo, create about you, add a location, share your skills, show your work experience, and upload your resume so when you apply for work employers instantly have all your information and have the ability to keep your profile private or make it public
Customers and employers can now easily find you and send you job request.
See all of your followers and all the people who are following you.
Make new friends and message them directly in the App.
Get directions to a store or work location
Instantly connect with a store or service provider
Pin a job to a service provider board or send it to selected service providers
Send a wave, expand your social network, post visual content, use hashtags in your waves and tag your friends and followers or people that follow you.
Apply for jobs for every type of profession – salaried, hourly, part-time, remote and more
Follow people, companies, influencers and professionals
Social networking for your businesses
Showcase your company and its products
aBlueC connects you instantly with professionals to complete almost any project on your to-do list from air conditioning, heating, cleaning, home repair, lawn care, contractors, event planning, wedding services, photographers, carpentry work, appliance repair, plumbing, tutoring, and many more. aBlueC connects you directly with available professionals in your area for FREE!

If you’re a Job seeker looking for new employment?
If your business needs to be found?
If you have products that you would like to sell?
If you need help getting something done?
If you want to make new friends and keep informed?
If you want to open an online store?
If you want an app to do everything?
Then download the free aBlueC app and start making your life easy.

Shop millions of products near your location, see prices from other online stores and contact and view stores on the map.

Steps to build your future:

1. Sign up
2. Build your professional resume in the profile section of the app.

Now Customers can now find you and your business with no advertising cost.

And best of all It’s super simple.

Our network connects you instantly with customers anytime, anywhere. You complete your own business or personal profile, select any of the services you want to perform from heating and cooling, lawn care, cleaning, home repair, handymen, wedding services, carpentry work, appliance repair, plumbing, DJs, personal trainers, tutoring, and many more.

aBlueC is incredibly easy for customers to find you for free, no paying for leads. You are your own boss now start enjoying the flexible work schedule you want, working from anywhere at any time. As a service professional you will start lowering your current overhead cost of doing business, while being more productive and efficient using the technology built into the network.

• No paying for leads
• Customers connect with you directly
• No more losing customer contact information
• Welcome to your Mobile Office

aBlueC is incredibly easy for you to see all the available professionals near you, read their reviews, and decide who you would like to tackle your project and request services from which is very handy which helps you remove thumbtacks from your to-do list. You and the professional directly negotiate fees, no middleman or hidden costs.