AAA Academy – Howdy Ventures

AAA – A Neighborhood Sports and Fitness Social Networking App allows you to find sports classes and coaches, form teams, groups, clubs, fan clubs and find sporting events near you to participate in. Privacy protected – your phone number and contacts cannot be seen by anyone without your authorization.

Sports and Fitness Classes or Find Coach:
– Learn a sport from an array of classes to choose from in your neighborhood or find coaches to become a pro. Gyms can list their classes to get more members joining the classes or local school can get better enrollment for their sports classes. AAA has it all. Paid classes or free classes. You share status updates, write blogs or chat with your class. The admin of the class can send SMS, emails and chats to the class to keep them updated about the class.

Groups, Teams, Clubs, Associations, College or School Groups:
You can create a group for many reason. You can form team groups, college groups, school parent groups, clubs, associations, chat groups, fan club etc. The groups you form can be invited to an event in 1 click. Your local club can create a paid group or a form a free group sports enthusiasts. The admin of the group can send SMS, emails and chats to the group to keep them updated about the groups

Sports and Fitness Events:
Create a public sports event or private event for your club or educational institution. Paid event or Free event. Let your friends invite invite the whole world and let it go viral. You can create a public Marathon event and sell tickets to the public or a private school group and invite only the parents to a sports day for example. Write stories or status update about the events or chat with the event participants. The admin of the event can send SMS, emails and chats to the event participants to keep them updated about the event.
Be better prepared for a free event where users can respond with their replies and number of guests coming. You can evite guests using just their phone numbers. No email, no logging in to any social network.

Social Networking:
Every classmate, group mate, event participant automatically become a part of your network. No friend requests to send. Your phone number is masked till you accept to share it with the person requesting it.

Sales Reports and Guest Details:
In AAA you even see your sales report on number of tickets sold. Our online dashboards allow you to view your sales of various events and event see the guests information of who have signed up to come for the event.

Create Albums:
The photos and videos you share become album for the rest of your life.