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Would you like to have fun playing with Candy, Cookie and Pudding? Now you can spend a whole day playing and learning with them in this funny App with more than 20 games.

Good morning! It’s time to wake up… today is going to be an exciting day full of games and activities to test your abilities and knowledge.

Share a whole day with Candy, Cookie and Pudding and discover their favorite games and activities, like feeding their fish, racing with their bikes, tennis matches, shooting penalties, going to buy to the supermarket, cooking or playing tic-tac-toe, among many other things. More than 20 games where you will have fun but you will also learn the hours, to add, to trace letters, to recycle and many other educational activities.

With ONE DAY WITH KID-E-CATS you can play and have fun with the most complete and varied App, the best option for the friends of Candy, Cookie and Pudding.


Sunrise: It’s time to wake up and get going.

Learn the analogical hours – Prepare breakfast for the Kid-E-Cats with fruit, milk and cereal – Brush Candy’s teeth – Tidy the Kid-E-Cats’ room – Feed the Kid-E-Cats’ pet

Morning: We’re going to the supermarket and to prepare the meal.

Look for the food of the shopping list – Put the food on the right shelves according to their type – Put the food in order on the cashier’s conveyor belt following the series that you’re shown – Calculate the price of the purchase by solving the additions – Prepare the meal in the incredible kitchen using all the utensils.

Afternoon: Let’s have fun!!!

Play soccer and shoot penalties to Cookie – Play a tennis match – Fly Cookie’s kite – Play hide and seek – Take part in a bike race with Pudding – Clean the park and recycle the garbage – Go back home crossing all the streets with the green light.

Night: Time to rest.

Do the school homework to learn letters and numbers – Paint and color the Kid-E-Cats’ workbook – Play a game of tic-tac-toe – Cook jam with fruits – Prepare Cookie’s bath so that he is very clean – Help Candy to fall asleep by counting sheep.

* BESIDES these activities, you can complete an album with the stickers you will win every time you complete a game.

– More than 20 activities
– Interactive, didactic and educational game for children from 3 to 6 years old.
– All the activities contain explanations with visual support.
– Motivation to learn with a system of rewards and gamification.
– Encourages autonomous learning.
– App approved and supervised by specialists in children’s education.
– Parental control.
– Available in 8 languages: English, Spanish, Latin Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian and Portuguese.

We offer quality educational content in a mobile version, through children’s favorite TV characters, creating the most fun and interactive educational apps.
Our apps motivate learning and constitute a perfect working tool for parents and educators interested in children’s education.


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