A/C Recharge Assistant – TSI Products, Inc.

When paired with the Smart Chip Pro, the A/C Recharge Assistant provides you with a quick and accurate A/C recharge, so you can have cold air blowing through your vehicle again – without any worry of overcharging the system.

Overcharging your system produces the same result as undercharging: hot air in the vehicle cabin. So getting your refrigerant fill level correct is the key to recharging your A/C system.

The Smart Chip Pro wirelessly pairs with the A/C Recharge Assistant and calculates optimum refrigerant fill level in real time based on outside temperature and humidity. The Smart Chip Pro is available exclusively at NAPA Auto Parts. Use the store locator to find the store nearest you: napaonline.com/en/-store-locator

The A/C Recharge Assistant walks you through the process, making it easy for anyone to accurately fill their A/C system in 15 minutes or less. No mechanical skills required!

1. Turn Smart Chip on.
2. Pair Smart Chip with smart phone using the A/C Recharge Assistant app.
3. Smart Chip will automatically pair through the app.
4. Take outside temperature and humidity reading to calculate optimum fill.
5. Place Smart Chip in center A/C vent.
6. Start engine and set A/C to max.
7. Add refrigerant.
8. Stop adding refrigerant when alerted by app.

Visit acavalanche.com/rechargeapp to view video tutorials and to get in touch with Smart Chip technical support.