6-Words – charles Olafela

Are you in hunt for the best word puzzle game out there? Put your memory skills and information retention to test with the limitlessly challenging 6 Words: Word Puzzle Memory Games 2019. Just don’t pick the same word twice!

Word Knowledge
Do you think you have a good vocabulary? We urge you to think again as this word knowledge game is all set to make your doubt your knowledge reserve. Whether you want to go for word brain training or simply want to boost your vocabulary by learning new words, this word knowledge game has got your back. Get high scores by going as far as you can, then see if your friends can beat your score!

Memory Puzzle Game
For decades, humans have searched for memory enhancing puzzles and activities. Now you can boost your memory reserve by playing this memory puzzle game right from the comfort of your home. No need to take long memory tests as this game is all about focus and quick moves. Free your mind from all the thought to win the memory puzzle game levels.

Interactive Word Game
Kill your boredom and invest your free time in brain teaser activities for better memory training and skill development. Keep your memory skills and knowledge up to date with this interactive word game. Designed to challenge you at every step of the way, this interactive word game will play tricks on you. Your job is to steer clear of the tricks and focus on winning.

Brain Training
Several researches have suggested the usefulness of brain games for brain training. The game has a timed play mode with limited hearts. Your job is to guess the word within first 5 seconds and memorize it. Avoid repeating the same word or you will lose the game.

Brain Teaser
The brain teaser will go on as you continue to play on. Make new high score and purchase coins. Use coins to redeem time and heart powerups for an endless fun!
How to play 6 Words: Word Puzzle Memory Games 2019:
• Download and launch the game
• Hit the play button
• Pick a word within 5 seconds
• Memorize the word and pick more words
• Don’t pick the same work twice!
• Maintain a memory puzzle game streak
• Create and break new interactive puzzle game score everyday
Features of 6 Words: Word Puzzle Memory Games 2019:
• Simple and easy UI/UX
• Continue selecting words for as long as you can
• Dodge the game tricks with brain training
• Memory puzzle game featuring non-stop brain teaser
• Guess or make the word within five seconds
• Create a new high score every day
• Use the points to earn coins
• Use coins to redeem hearts and time powerups
• Interactive sound effects
• Endless word play and word memorization
Would you like to see how good you are at remembering the words? Download 6 Words: Word Puzzle Memory Games 2019 and test your memory skills today!