5 Cards – Neethirajan Balachandran

Welcome to the 5 Cards Game!

5 Cards is a strategic trick-based card game played by two to four players with one deck of cards, excluding the Joker Card. Each player will get five cards initially, one at a time. The next card is turned up to begin the discard pile and the rest cards form the draw pile. Players should aim to reduce the number of points from cards after playing multiple hands of the game. The player who has the lowest point during the claim will win the game.

Game rules are available under the “Rules” section of the app.

Available Modes to choose:
1. Online mode
Choose a “Play Online” option to start an online 5 cards game. You can choose one to three people from online to play with strangers which makes you more excited to win.
2. Play with friends mode
Choose the “Play with Friends” option to play with local friends or match online friends to play 5 cards game. This mode adds extra fun while playing with friends.

Bonus Points:
Earn a bonus of 1000 points by claiming it daily in a week.
For example, the first-day claim will get you 1000 points, the second-day 2000 points, third-day 3000 points. By claiming continuously in a week, earn extra points on the seventh day.
If you miss claiming any one day in between the week, then points will be started freshly from 1000 points for the fresh claim.
You can use these points from your account to play 5 cards game with online friends or your local friends.

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