3D Monster Dragon Simulator – Muhammad Ahsan Ijaz

Drop down fire from the above as a monster Dragon! Join a new battle between the monster and dragon as you face off against the Orcs, wild Humans, and few legendary monsters from different countries! Raise, and also customize your monsters dragons, also destroy castles and villages to collect the destroy treasure, and battle for your life and against the fierce bosses like the dead underground bone and monster Dragon!
3D warrior and monster flying Dragon simulator 3D is a free flying action game with new realistic war effects and and 3D Medieval and war theme. Fly your dragon with the controls in your hand and takeoff and land by right button in the right to land in ground and destroy the things with fire.Just find out the instructed and given locations on map and tap on the button to fire the deadly monsters dragons. You have to keep it in that all the levels and dragon fight and monsters mind all mission are time restricted and you have to complete them to reach to final.