2Day Diary: Mood&Notes&Journal – Anastasia Kholod

Record all your ideas, insights, and evens on-the-go! Keep track of what’s going on in your life with this super easy and intuitive diary & journal app.

Your thoughts, memories, feelings, dreams are so worth to be written down!

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.” Steeve Jobs

This diary makes it super easy to record all the “dots” and connect them when the time comes.

It is the tool to create a series of snapshots with quick diary entries:

1. Select mood
2. Choose activities.
3. Make a quick note.
4. Done!

Why 2Day?

– Many beautiful icons for activities/tags

– Cute smiles for moods(+you can add your own mood names and choose smiles)

– Mood statistic in the calendar

Each entry together preserves a reality, which can be reflected on and re-storied to provide guidance for today and tomorrow.

Record all your feelings, insights, coincidences, dreams, inspirational moments on-the-go! This helps to attain clarity, routine, perspective and beauty.

Keep track of what’s going on in your life. Write down a journal for different aspects of our life.

Write your personal journal for different aspects of life.